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​ Reserving Your new puppy

Your puppy can be reserved with a $500 nonrefundable deposit. This can be paid by either cash, check, money order, or paypal (add 4% fee for paypal). At this time, we ask that you let us know what sex and color of puppy you want along with whatever specific markings you are looking for in a puppy. Deposits are completely nonrefundable (no exceptions). Deposits are transferable up to two times. If the third time we offer a set of puppies to you, you pass, you are then moved to the bottom of the deposit list as it will be assumed the reason for passing is because the timing is not right for your family (you can never lose your deposit unless you decide to no longer adopt a puppy). This keeps it fair for all families on the list so the the same families are not first choice for every litter every time. That is also why we ask for specific color and markings you are looking for, as we will not offer a puppy that does not match what you are looking for. The more open to color and markings you are, the faster you will have a puppy. Puppies that have the perfect bernsese mountian dog markings are the most rare and therefore have the longest wait. Most people leave a deposit six to 12 months before a litter is born. This is for all F1 Standard sized puppies. 
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 Birth certificate

Copies of parents pedigree

1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Health record, detailing all the pups shots and dewormings

Health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian after a thorough exam (when shipping)

A puppy toy which your pup has played with and has all his/her familiar litter mate smells making the transition a little easier

Lifetime support
A Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Although we only breed for standards, we can still get a wide range of sizes (even within the same litter) since some of our Standard Poodles are a bit on the smaller side. Our Bernedoodle pups will usually range from 50-80lbs. give or take with different sized parents. Bernedoodles make highly intelligent, loving and loyal family companions!! They tend to keep the blockier heads and stockier build like the Berner, (but shed less!!) and the intelligence of the Standard Poodle. 

Bernedoodles are very similar in coat type and personality to a Goldendoodle but tend to be a little more calm and possibly a bit more stubborn, so consistent training is a must.
  While we strive to produce the beautiful Tri-color Bernedoodles in each litter, health is our main concern. We put a lot of time, love and money (in Vet care/health testing) into our dogs and only breed dogs in good health!! 

Both the St. Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog breeds (as with all breeds) have health issues in their lines. Does health testing guarantee that your pup will never have any health issues? No, there are no real guarantees in life, but, the probability of health issues is much lower in dogs who have strong, healthy lines behind them. So, as a conscientious breeder, we do our best to raise healthy pups of sound temperament that are beautiful as well!! Our dogs here are not just "dogs", they are our family! We love our dogs dearly and they are probably (okay, absolutely) more spoiled then any dog should be....but, that's the way we like it!!

      and Goldendoodles     507-251-1909  
Minnesota and winter Florida locations (our daughter lives in FL)!

 December 2015!

CALL 507-251-1909

​We have litters currently!

1, Standard F1 Bernedoodle litter - Males and females

2. Goldendoodle - Mini's and mini petites.  Males only


All will be ready to go for Christmas!  

This is Tilly!  He is the sire to these puppies.  He weighs 100 pounds and is AKC registered.   OFA GOOD rating on hips and elbows!  
Nala - (weighs 25 pounds) F1 Goldendoodle

Mini petite and Mini's. Puppies in collage below ARE available!!

 Bred to Murphy F1b weighs 20 pounds

UPDATE!  Nala had puppies on October 22, 2015.  Reds  and creams.
Males ONLY available!!
 Pups will be ready for Christmas!

Moose - Chocolate Standard Poodle - 
 Bred to Tilly - 
Bernedoodles F1
Litter update :  Novermber 7th 2015 Moose and Tilly had  puppies .   3 Males and 5 females available.  

$2,000 each for blacks.  $2,500 black and whites. $3,000 black/tan sable